Glenn Elliott was born in Los Angeles in 1968, grew up in West Covina, lived around the world, currently settled in Las Vegas. 


Associate of Arts Degree from Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA 

Bachelors Degree in Art from Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA

Current Gear:

Film: Nikon F100, Nikon N80, Fujifilm GW690ii

Digital: Nikon Z5

Favorite Quote:

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow" - Imogen Cunningham

Favorite Photographer:

Stephen Shore

Favorite Photograph:

Crossing the Ohio River, Louisville, 1966 - Danny Lyon


Embrace critique: you will never grow as an artist if all people do is kiss your ass.

Get good at giving critique: being able to understand and articulate your opinion of other people's work will infuse your own work.

When it comes to gear: Light > Glass > Bodies

Good lighting does more to improve your work than almost anything else.

Good glass is far more important than your camera body: you buy a body, you invest in lenses.

Get closer to your subject.

If you want better pictures, put more interesting things in front of your camera.

Always make a backup of all your files.  Make sure you have off-site backup as well.

Calibrate your monitor.

Know the tool of your trade.  If you have bought a new camera recently, read the manual cover to cover.

You will go through a slump.  Probably several.  Everyone does.  Just work through it. 

There is almost 200 years of photographic history at this point, start studying it.

Find your voice.

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